About Steve MacNeal

The Wayne County Sheriff’s office is responsible for the safety and welfare of the citizens, businesses, and motoring public in and throughout Wayne County. As your Sheriff I will bring nearly two decades of experience from three different agencies with vastly different approaches to Law Enforcement. I will utilize the methods and techniques of each to provide the highest standard of service to everyone in Wayne County.

At a time when the trends are showing increasing violence toward Law Enforcement, it is the responsibility of the Sheriff to protect the men and women of the Sheriff’s Office by providing them with the tools and training they need to serve the citizens of Wayne County and to ensure their safe return home to their families every day. It is important to investigate contemporary training and officer safety methods which prove beneficial to both our deputies and the citizens of Wayne County.

With the help of the men and women of the Sheriff’s Office, we will build relationships with our citizens and community members. We will develop and implement community outreach programs designed to educate our citizens as well as our deputies. We will work hard to build trust within our community by learning what is important to each of the many cultures our county enjoys. We will be vigilant in addressing quality of life issues and aggressive when dealing with the drug epidemic and DWI related offenses. We will serve our community with compassion as I understand the devastating impact a crime or accident can have on a person.

As your Sheriff, I will serve our county with honesty, integrity, and transparency. I have dedicated my life to public service. I know public service is just that…service to the public. I would appreciate the opportunity to serve as your Sheriff. Please vote for Steve MacNeal for Wayne County Sheriff on November 7, 2017. Stay safe!

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