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I was born and raised in Walworth, New York. As I child I was always intrigued by fire trucks, ambulances, and police cars. While growing up, I knew my Grandfather was the Undersheriff of the Wayne County Sheriff’s Office. I knew he wore a suit and tie to work and...



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The Wayne County Sheriff’s office is responsible for the safety and welfare of the citizens, businesses, and motoring public in and throughout Wayne County. As your Sheriff I will bring nearly two decades of experience from three different agencies with vastly different approaches to Law Enforcement. I will utilize the methods and techniques of each to provide the highest standard of service to everyone in Wayne County.

At a time when the trends are showing increasing violence toward Law Enforcement, it is the responsibility of the Sheriff to protect the men and women of the Sheriff’s Office by providing them with the tools and training they need to serve the citizens of Wayne County and to ensure their safe return home to their families every day. It is important to investigate contemporary training and officer safety methods which prove beneficial to both our deputies and the citizens of Wayne County.

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  • Well rounded Law Enforcement Professional with over 17 years of experience; currently assigned to the road patrol. Multi-task oriented with a focus on attention to detail. Well experienced to handle the duties required of the Office of The Wayne County Sheriff.
  • Knowledge of contemporary police practices, methods and techniques. Astute and tactical decision making skills during routine and emergency situations.
  • Field Training Officer (FTO) and mentor to fellow and junior police officers while demonstrating exemplary leadership abilities.
  • Basic S.W.A.T. & Rifle School
  • Interview and Interrogation
    Tactical Warrant Execution & Building Search
  • Field Training Officer
  • NYS Standardized Field Sobriety Testing
  • Instructor Development Course
  • Course in Police Supervision
  • Firearms/Rifle Instructor Course
Police Officer

  • Engages in proactive police strategies in vehicle and traffic enforcement, numerous self- initiated criminal investigations, and 911 dispatched calls for service.
  • Coordinates and schedules FTO program.
  • Development of a senior Officer/ Master Officer Program
  • Implemented Naloxone (Narcan)Program and instructed officers in the use of same
  • Coordinated Implementation of Id Me 911
  • Works to assure coordination of all police department training with surrounding agencies. Established relationship with Monroe County Public Safety Training Facility and utilized the training program for annual in-service training
  • Assist the Chief of Police with administrative duties such as departmental scheduling and Quartermaster responsibilities.
  • Established working relationship and utilization of services provided by Bivona Children’s Advocacy Center
    Implemented use of patrol rifles
  • Development in implementation of Emergency Contact Forms
  • Planned and managed successful National Night Out for Macedon and Walworth
  • Maintain positive community relations with citizens and business owners during routine patrols and the investigation of crimes to preserve a high quality of life.

Police Officer

  • Road Patrol duties
  • Emergency Response Team- Team Leader and Quartermaster (Duties include budget, equipment procurement and maintenance, and training)
  • Bicycle Unit
  • Training Unit
  • Field Training Officer
  • General Topics Instructor
  • Firearms Instructor
  • Patrol Rifle Instructor
  • Greater Rochester Area Narcotics Enforcement Team (2007)
  • Community Response Team
  • Detached to Criminal Investigation Unit as needed for high profile cases (Duties include search warrant writing and investigative skills)

Deputy Sheriff- Road Patrol

  • Initial Law Enforcement Professional Assignment
  • Responded to the citizens of Wayne County in times of Emergency Situations
  • Gained experience in all aspects of Law Enforcement including Emergency Response, Public
  • Safety, Firearms Training, Communications, and Court Procedures.
  • Assigned to Road Patrol, Bicycle, and Snowmobile Units during service.
  • Basic Academy- Finger Lakes Law Enforcement Academy 1998
  • Radar Operator Course
  • Breath Test Operator Course
  • DWI Detection & Standardized Field Sobriety Testing Course
  • Drugs That Impair Driving Course
  • Bicycle Patrol Course
  • Flying Armed Course
  • ICS-100, ICS-200, ICS-700
  • Tactical Warrant & Building Searches
  • Tactical Rifle Course
  • Tactical Deployment Course
  • Interview & Interrogation
  • Marijuana Grow Investigations- Outdoor
  • Maintaining Accreditation & Preparing for Reaccreditation Workshop
  • Passenger Vehicle Criminal and Terrorist Identification
  • Field Training Officer Course
  • Instructor Development Course
  • Patrol Rifle Instructor Course
  • Prescription Drug Abuse Training Seminar
  • First Responders Disabilities Awareness Train the Trainer Course in Police Supervision
  • Lost Person Behavior Survival Awareness
  • Executive Development Training Seminar
  • Smith & Wesson Armorers Training Course
  • Law Enforcement Executive Development Course
  • Recognized for life saving efforts of teenage overdose victim -WCSD
  • Recognized for leading platoon in complaints handled, MVAs investigated, arrests made, tickets issued, DWI arrests (#1 in county) for the year 2000.-WCSD
  • Recognized by Macedon Police Sergeant for assistance with violent individual resisting arrest in 2000.
  • Commendation Letter for role in active homicide/suicide investigation in 2001. -WCSD
  • Commendation Letter for individual shooting at Palmyra Police Officer 2000.
  • Recognized by Macedon Police Chief for assistance with larceny investigation 2000.
  • Unit Commendation Irondequoit Police Department (IPD)
  • Officer of the Month -4 times (IPD)
  • Excellent Police Service -5 times (IPD)
  • Meritorious Service (IPD)
  • Officer of the Year (IPD)
  • Mothers Against Drunk Driving Outstanding Service Award 2005 (IPD)
  • Mothers Against Drunk Driving Outstanding Service Award 2006 (IPD)
  • Certificate of Appreciation, Maggie Brooks- DWI Arrests 2006 (IPD)
  • Certificate of Appreciation, Maggie Brooks- DWI Arrests 2009 (IPD)
  • Recognized for arrest of pattern burglary 2002 (IPD)
  • Recognized for burglary arrest 2002 (IPD)
  • Recognized for larceny arrest 2003 (IPD)
  • Recognized for illegal gun seizure 2003 (IPD)
  • Recognized for multiple larceny arrest 2006 (IPD)
  • Recognized for tactical arrest of homicide suspect 2006 (IPD)
  • Recognized for Felony drug sale investigation and arrest 2007 (IPD)
  • Recognized for Participation in Community Response Team for drug work 2008(IPD)
  • Recognized for In Progress Burglary arrest 2008 (IPD)
  • Recognized for larceny arrest resulting in burglary arrest 2008 (IPD)
  • Recognized for burglary arrest 2009 (IPD)
  • Recognized for burglary arrest 2009 (IPD)
  • Recognized for larceny arrest resulting in bank robbery arrest 2009 (IPD)
  • Recognized for burglary arrest 2010 (IPD)
  • Recognized for stolen gun investigation/recovery 2010 (IPD)
  • Recognized for Felony drug/weapon arrest 2011 (IPD)
  • Recognized for successful department re-accreditation 2011(IPD)
  • Recognized for burglary arrest 2011(IPD)
  • Recognized for burglary arrest 2011(IPD)
  • Recognized for developing “How to Report” form for all businesses in Irondequoit. 2011 (IPD)
  • Recognized for implementing gear storage units for patrols 2011 (IPD)
  • Recognized for CPR on infant 2012 (IPD)
  • Recognized for domestic incident investigation leading to arrest 2012 (IPD)
  • Recognized for burglary arrest 2012 (IPD)
  • Recognized for developing and building ERT storage equipment in patrol car 2012(IPD)
  • Recognized for developing and remodeling ERT storage room 2012 (IPD)
  • Recognized for developing and implementing patrol rifle program 2013( IPD)
  • Recognized for in progress burglary arrest 2013 (IPD)
  • Recognized for arrest of Monroe County-wide burglary suspects 2013 (IPD)
  • Recognized for murder investigation of a mother and the purchase and delivery of
  • Christmas gifts for her three children. 2014 (IPD)
  • Certificate of Commendation for water rescue 2014 (Macedon PD)
  • Officer of the Month 2015 (Macedon PD)
Volunteer Firefighter, National Night Out Coordinator

President (Elected by organization membership)

  • Introduced concept of an organization to revitalize and unify the Hamlet of Walworth and to tend to the needs of the citizens of Walworth while creating an enjoyable and inviting place to live and work.
  • Established a non-profit corporation with a board of officers.
  • Short and long term planning as well as budgetary responsibilities.
  • Develop strong community relations during meetings and social events

Member, Volunteer Firefighter, Former EMT and Explorer
Firefighter 1995-present

  • Attend meetings/trainings/social functions
  • Respond to fire/rescue calls as needed
  • EMT-B 1998-2002
  • Respond to EMS calls as needed
  • Ambulance Lieutenant 1998-2000
  • Equipment/supplies/maintenance inspections on ambulances
  • Established labeling & inventory control program
  • Director of Operations 2000-2002
  • Managed operations
  • Completed successful DOH inspections and recertification
  • Outfitted personnel with uniforms, coats, and apparel
  • Mandated the use of identifiable apparel when responding to calls
  • Procured new radios for all members
  • Developed “crew share” program/training with Marion & Macedon
  • Organize and implement official training record/certification program
  • Assisted with implementation of BLS/ALS fly car
  • Explorer Post 743- President 1993-1995
  • Schedule meetings and trainings
  • Attend trainings with FD
  • Respond to calls as auxiliary as needed

Board of Fire Commissioners- Walworth Fire District #1
Board Member 2011-2012

  • Prepare annual tax payer budget
  • Maintain and procure equipment to ensure FF safety and preserve life and property
  • Manage taxpayer funds
  • Chairman of the Board 2012-2014
  • Organize and manage meetings
  • Facilitated projects
  • New main entrance
  • Key fob locking system for entire building
  • New/updated parking lot
  • Assist with new energy efficient lighting
  • Assist with new energy efficient HVAC
  • Successful lease negotiation with Walworth Ambulance
  • Update/implement bylaws


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Competently pontificate holistic meta-services after ethical e-tailers. Compellingly initiate timely internal or "organic" sources without process-centric innovation. Compellingly reconceptualize impactful alignments.

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