“With the many attacks on our Constitution these days, I feel we need a strong advocate to support our community and uphold the values and virtues that are protected by our Constitution. I believe Steve MacNeal will live up to that as Wayne County Sheriff.
Steve is a very good friend whom I’ve spent much time with, doing many of the activities we both enjoy. We’re both avid hunters, gun owners and enjoy time on our motorcycles. It’s during these times that Steve and I share ideas and compare opinions on our community both locally and nationally. I believe Steve has the right outlook as it relates to not only Public Safety but also the Public Sanctity that is afforded us as citizens of this great country. As Sheriff, I’m confident Steve will make sure I’m able to keep my guns, protect my property, and move freely about this great county unimpeded by executive orders out of Albany.
I appreciate Steve’s ability to be an active listener when I’m venting, and then helping me to see other points of view. He brings measured clarity to our discussions about rights and freedoms and the need to protect them for ALL of us in this county. His community focus is what grounds him; everything he does is with the good of his/our community at the forefront. ELECT Steve MacNeal for Sheriff!”
Tony Silvestri
Walworth, New York

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