“In the wake of last year’s political polarization, I’m tired. I’m tired of divisiveness, I’m tired of the name calling, I’m tired of the split judgments based on party lines. I generally stay away from politics for any of the aforementioned reasons.

In a recent publication, politics was again living up to its acrimonious nature. But the article brought to my attention something noteworthy, so thank you to the author. The article’s intention was to throw doubt on the intentions of the Democratic Party’s nomination for Wayne County Sheriff, Steve MacNeal. Instead, in fact, it highlighted a noteworthy distinction for me.

Steve MacNeal has been a lifelong resident of Wayne County, and wasn’t just a resident, but someone who has volunteered his services to this community for over 25 years. First as a firefighter, then a Wayne County Sheriff’s Deputy, and currently as the Administrative Sergeant at the Macedon Police Department. Beyond his years of public service, the involvement in his community that is not required as part of his employment is what is remarkable to me. Food drives, clothing drives, fundraisers, making sure kids in the community have backpacks and school supplies each school year. These are the things; actual acts that show that his community is what is important to him. It’s not about the politics. It’s not Republican or Democrat. It is the best interest of the community. Isn’t that what it should really be about?”

Respectfully submitted,
Kristen Porpora, Macedon resident

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