My name is Justin Collins and I am writing this letter on behalf of Mr. Steve MacNeal. I have known Mr. MacNeal for over a decade now and personally attest that he is a man of morals and integrity who greatly cares about the men and women of law enforcement as well as the community members they support.


I have experienced his unrivaled passion for the men and women of law enforcement and their families through commitment of his time for many local charities. I have witnessed him give countless hours of his own time to support officer mental health and well-being. Officer mental health and well-being is something that gets very little attention and Mr. MacNeal understands that it is critical for the future of law enforcement that a police officer must be strong physically as well as mentally in order to serve the community to their greatest extent.


Recently, I had personally asked Mr. MacNeal to visit my police prep program and speak to future LEOs about the importance of officer mental health. In addition, I have referred fellow LEOs to speak with Mr. MacNeal on a peer-to-peer level and he has always assisted them with open arms.


Plain and simple, Mr. MacNeal is a man who cares for all people in our communities and works hard to be supportive and open for all those in need.

Justin Collins

Police Sergeant & Owner, Police Exam Career Prep

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