I have worked closely with Steve for many years within the Walworth Fire Department and I believe Steve has many qualities that will make him an incredible Sherriff. On top of the usual things that a volunteer firefighter does, Steve often takes on more than is expected of him. Service is very important to Steve and he works hard to give back to both the members of the department and our community by heading committees responsible for social functions and community outreach. For example, he’s planned our annual banquets many times and volunteered in the community to do things like hand out candy on Halloween.  He also looks for ways to improve on existing programs and procedures and never shies away from the extra responsibilities that it incurs. Most recently, Steve started and ran a program that would allow members to order WFD merchandise using a point system based on participation points. This entailed ordering, organizing and distributing clothing for more than 30 members. This has been a huge hit with the members and provided an additional incentive for participation.


Steve has done a great job planning events within the Fire Department, but I think it should also be noted that his work giving back does not stop there.  Prior to Covid, Steve organized and ran a free public event for the community called National Night out.  Steve contacted and worked with many different organizations from the area to bring them together to create an incredible event aimed at improving the relationship between the community, members of law enforcement and other first responders. Steve has grown this event bigger each year and I think this shows his ability to communicate and lead effectively.


I think Steve would also bring his passion and training skills to the position of Sheriff.  I have attended the training course he provides on administering Narcan. It was clear to see how passionate he is about helping others and how dedicated he is to making sure others have the skills to do the same

Chris Morabito

President, Walworth Fire Department

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