I was born and raised in Walworth, New York. As I child I was always intrigued by fire trucks, ambulances, and police cars. While growing up, I knew my Grandfather was the Undersheriff of the Wayne County Sheriff’s Office. I knew he wore a suit and tie to work and drove a car with a siren and flashing lights hidden in the grill. I did not know much else about his career.

I attended the Wayne Central School District where I played football and ran track. In my junior and senior year, I was a disc jockey at a local radio station, 90.5 WBER. During my senior year, I completed an internship with Rochester radio station, 96.5 WCMF. I graduated with my Regents Diploma in 1995. I took a job delivering pizza and eventually managed the Pontillos Pizzeria in Gananda. As I grew into my teen years, I would talk to Gramp and hear stories of his career. Perhaps it was his stories that intrigued me enough to take the Deputy Sheriff civil service exam, or maybe I just wanted to be like Gramp.

In 1993, while chasing my interest in emergency services, I joined the Walworth Fire Department Explorer Post. I quickly realized my love for the fire service. When I turned 18, I joined the fire department as a firefighter and immediately started taking Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) classes. In 1996, I received my certification as an EMT. I served the department as a medic, Ambulance Lieutenant, and Director of Operations. In 2010, I was elected to the Board of Fire Commissioners and was later chosen to serve as Chairman of the Board.

In 1998, I started my Law Enforcement career at the Finger Lakes Law Enforcement Academy. Following graduation, during my first week on the road, I was told I had big shoes to fill following in my Grandfather’s footsteps. I excelled in Vehicle and Traffic enforcement with an emphasis on DWI enforcement. I was selected to be a member of the bicycle patrol unit as well as the snowmobile unit.

In 2002, I transferred to the Irondequoit Police Department and moved to the Town of Irondequoit that same year. I worked in a very diverse community on the border of the City of Rochester.  I saw a lot and learned even more. I was trained as a Field Training Officer, General Topics Instructor, Firearms and Rifle Instructor. I was selected to serve as a Team Leader and Quartermaster on the Emergency Response Team. I worked as a member of the Greater Rochester Area Narcotics Enforcement Team and assisted the Criminal Investigative Unit during several critical incidents. I found a passion for teaching and found great joy in helping to train and mold the future of Law Enforcement. I had the privilege of serving under a Chief of Police who saw the value of community service. Unbeknownst to me, he planted a seed in me to serve the community that I would not realize for many years.

Since the year 2000, I had been attending Finger Lakes Community College part time and received my Associates in Criminal Justice in 2004 graduating on the Dean’s List.
In 2008, I returned to the Town of Walworth to raise my family. I am the father of three amazing girls who have taught me so much. In January of 2014, I transferred to the Macedon Police Department for the opportunity to pursue other career opportunities. In April of 2014, I was promoted to the rank of Sergeant.

It is at the Macedon Police Department where I met my best friend, partner, and true love. Tyler was the clerk at the police department. In 2016, Tyler and I were married and blended our families including my then 20-year-old daughter, twin girls, and Tyler’s twin boys. In July of 2016, Tyler and I purchased the pizzeria I worked at prior to starting my Law Enforcement Career. Tyler ended up leaving the police department to focus on running our family owned business.

Community service has been a part of my life for over two decades. In 2010, I started planning an annual event called National Night Out. This event takes place all over the country during the first week in August. It is intended to build and improve relationships between our community members and those who serve the community. Emergency vehicles and equipment from the three Walworth fire departments, highway department, water and sewer department, Sheriff’s Office and New York State Police are on display for all residents in and around our community. In 2015, I expanded the event to include the Town of Macedon. Each year the event is hosted at the Gananda High School and grows in attendance each year.
In 2011, I established the Walworth Hamlet Association (WHA). The Walworth Hamlet Association is a Not-For-Profit organization established to revitalize and assist in meeting the needs of the citizens of the Hamlet of Walworth. The WHA serves as an advocate for The Hamlet and works to bring back its identity. There are several committees making up the WHA including Good and Welfare, Beautification, and Neighborhood Watch. In 2013, based upon declining availability of its board members, the WHA agreed to maintain a social media presence while reducing our active participation to accomplish our goals.
It wasn’t until I was well into my Law Enforcement career I realized the responsibility and importance that accompanied the title of Undersheriff. Gramp served as Undersheriff under five different Sheriff administrations. This is extremely uncommon as most Sheriff’s want to structure their office based upon their own ideas and beliefs. This confirms what I already knew, Gramp was a man of integrity, a hard-working leader, forward thinking, and honest. Gramp would tell it like it is. He wasn’t a politician. He was a police officer who employed common sense ideas to successfully lead the Sheriff’s Office for over two decades.
Gramp molded the foundation of my career in Law Enforcement. From him, I learned about work ethic, integrity, and compassion. I have always worked hard to do better, whether in my personal life or in my career. I want to do better for the men and women of the Wayne County Sheriff’s Office and the citizens of Wayne County.

I have had the opportunity to work in three different agencies throughout my 22-year career, the Wayne County Sheriff’s Office, Irondequoit Police Department, and currently the Macedon Police Department. While the goal of each agency is the same, to serve and protect, the methods and techniques utilized to accomplish those goals are vastly different. I want to utilize the proven methods of each agency, customize them, and implement them to build a strong, unified, professional, and efficient Sheriff’s Office.

The citizens of Wayne County should be able to live without having to worry about the criminal element threatening their quality of life. They should know when called upon, the Sheriff’s Office will provide them with a highly trained, compassionate, professional Sheriff’s Deputy who will work diligently to address their needs. They should expect our team of professionals to work together to keep them and their families safe, to keep our public highways safe, and keep our schools and children safe. The Sheriff’s Office will offer educational opportunities and community outreach programs. We will partner with community members to build trust and legitimacy and create an environment of mutual respect regardless of sex, race, culture, or personal preferences.

The men and women of the Wayne County Sheriff’s Office are the foundation for Public Safety. They make daily sacrifices to serve the citizens of this county. They are daughters, sons, mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, aunts, uncles, and grandparents. They deserve to work in an environment that allows for personal and professional growth. They deserve the training and the tools to do their job safely and efficiently. Their families deserve to have their loved ones return home every day.
When elected Wayne County Sheriff, I will work diligently to build trust in the communities of Wayne County work to implement a number of community outreach initiatives.  I have worked on the Governor’s Reform and Reinvention initiative while working to implement implicit bias and de-escalation training.  Additionally, developing new methods of response to those experiencing a mental health crisis and expanding the educational and enforcement programs designed to battle the opioid epidemic are a priority.  I will work to create employee development programs to retain personnel and provide necessary mental health programs and services to the dedicated staff at the Sheriff’s Office who have chosen to serve their community.

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